Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Cyber King and ABC iView

Yes, Dr Who is back for another Christmas special and we get some cybermen and a rather cool steampunk giant bot - "dreadnaught class" no less. There wasnt that much CG actually, just enough to give us a fun piece of giant robot fun slotted into a rather interesting tale. The story wasnt freaky, like some, but rather more intriguing and part of the larger continuum of Dr Who really. The tech on display in this episode was just gorgeous, a cool mixture of brass, rivets, coils and slightly more techie cyber-tech. This married very well with the old-tech-Doctor and our lovable regular-tech-doctor (hopefully that makes sense to those who have seen the episode).

Here is a piece of the concept art by Peter McKinstry via the BBC Dr Who site.

[Cyberking concept art image via the BBC site]

I failed to watch on Sunday, but that was an opportunity to try out the ABC iView service. This is quite a cool online video streaming system that allows us to pop back in time to see things we missed or that are on at times we cant watch. Plus it just looks cool - here a handful of screengrabs of the various screens on my way to watching this Dr Who episode. Starting from this nice graphical ABC site through the various iView screens - the stills dont do the dynamic elements justice - but they are fun to see anyhow.

[images of the ABC iView service step by step]

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