Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Enrolled for S1

Well, I am enrolled in two pretty big courses for session 1 2009 (which will be upon me before I know it). This will be my 4th session, so my 7th and 8th courses, I am having a ball and am pretty on track to actually ge the degree as well. The two are follow-up courses to ones I have done previously with Maya and ProTools - so it will be a production heavy session. Here are the course descriptions of what is ahead from the Handbook.

SOMA9202 3D Animation Workshop
This is an advanced course that assumes prior knowledge of 3D software. The 3D Animation Workshop provides a platform for comprehensive instruction in the disciplines required for professional short animation production. The class will also illustrate many applications for 3D computer effects and animation in the world of digital media. The 3D Animation Workshop extends on the concepts developed in the introductory sessions of 3D Animation
SOMA9002 Sound Construction 2
This course continues the examination of both the audio/visual relationships and sound/music genres, while expanding on the techniques and ideas taught in the previous semester. Both individual and group projects will be based around the development of sound design works that relate to screen based media, or stand alone works that explore the creative uses of sound in their own right. The relationship of sound to editing within other works within time based and interactive works will be examined. Technical knowledge of sound recording and editing will be refined, with a concentration on integrating the use of sound into the production and post production process. Further techniques such as MIDI composition and analogue synthesis will be explored.

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