Saturday, 17 January 2009

Frocks Imagery

I have started doing a few images for The Frocks and more particularly their mighty drummer, Raelene from FBE (Go Raz). Anyhow, they have a range of imagery on their website and others that are used on banners during performances. The history of the current images means that they are small and sourceless.

Sooo I needed to generate some more for them - and last night I came up with this re-interpretation of one they had already with lights in the background and different colours and such. This version has some interesting things going on and seems to sit between their website and current banners sylistically. I will try to get the web colours, images and feel into the banners where I can, but inject something playful along the way. Anyhow - here it is - plenty more to come. Hell, I'll include the reference pic as well - just for completeness :-)

[The Frocks - reference image for top stage banner]

[my reinterpretation at a much bigger size and some new styling to match - note this is a highly shrunken version]

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