Monday, 12 January 2009

MacLife Concepts

[concept designs from MacLife]

The folk at MacLife, being inspired by Apple's design have come up with 4 conceptual pieces of hardware that they would love to see. All of them take a cool idea or two, apply some Apple-like design thinking and then gleefully present the concept for us. You can see all the fun, in all its glory, in Jon Phillips "Future Apple Hardware? Four Outrageous Prototypes Revealed!" article on the Mac Life site.

It may all be fiction, but it is fun fiction. By far my favourite is the LMac - the idea that a computer could be a piece of design for every user is great - that it could all be customised - awesome. Lego is a great expressive format that would meld very well with a build-a-pc concept - I would certainly love one. There may actually be some electrical/safety/connector issues to deal with - but even if lots of the componentry was locked safely away, having a Lego case would be very neat.

Here are some more images of the fun:

[images of fictional Apple hardware concepts via MacLife]

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