Friday, 23 January 2009

Maya 2009

I received and installed Maya Unlimited 2009 just now from its nice shiny little box. It will be fun to see how quickly things come back for me. I was able to get a fair bit from the software when I was playing with it last time - but that was Maya8.5 - how time flies.

It came in the big bundle of other goodies - alas all for Windows - so I will have to work out a cool way to run those without having to resort to bootcamping out to windows on this machine... I hear Alienware calling - yoiks I must be getting delirious.

First impressions - Feels kinda the same so far. The first set of essential skills movies feel exactly like the 8.5 set from memory and there are zillions more online - even though I have my books as well. The interface is basically the same as well, though there are a few subtle changes like the little cube in the corner for example...

Now off to read the cool excerpt from The Art of Maya book before getting stuck into the learning tomorrow.

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