Monday, 19 January 2009

Maya gear-up and Nikki Braine

With my next session coming sooner than I am ready for - I have ordered a nice shiny new copy of Maya 2009 (comes with other software that wont run on the Mac - but hell it might be fun to try Mudbox under bootcamp).

In the meantime I figured I need a nice way to get back a range of skills with the tool so I grabbed copies of the official Autodesk training books for Learning Autodesk Maya. The Modelling and Animation Handbook and then The Special Effects Handbook. These are pretty flash books and I hope will be fun to run through - for training books they are nicely produced - I hope the content lives up to the looks. The books are the work of Marc-Andre Guindon (


By way of inspiration, check out the work of student Nikki Braine. She has a cool showreel featuring clips from her work which includes Procrastinating Gus. I think seeing student's work is just as inspiring as the full studio pieces with specialised team players. I guess it is proof that without the big army with you, we can still make cool stuff.

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