Wednesday, 7 January 2009

More from Blur

[One of the scenes from the WHOL Trailer showing the complexity via the Gnomon site]

The Gnomon presentation from the Blur team who created the Warhammer Online Trailers is just so cool. I didnt mention yesterday the breakdowns of the shots which show how many people, elements, software packages and passes are required to get one onto the screen for us. This is a long presentation with questions included. I am still amazed how many pieces of software would be used in a production like this, covering all the different fields and specialties. It is like watching the DVD special features and gaining a whole new level of appreciation for what we see.

Check out the Blur site for more on them and the Warhammer Online site for more on the game.

[Images from the WHOL Trailer showing some of the hero characters via the Gnomon site]

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