Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Tale of Despereaux

I hadnt planned on seeing this little animated film actually - but off to the cinema we went to see what The Tale of Despereaux had to offer. There are perhaps too many parallels with Ratatouille and Flushed Away to allow it to live on its own, but it is a pretty and quite delightful little tale none the less.

The animation doesnt have anything particular to set it apart, though Despereaux's ears are very cute, esp when he flies. I havent seen the book, but I think the storyline is missing a few pieces to tie it all together better. The idea of the gray gloom is good, but it is tied to the King's ruling on soup and rats which doesnt seem to quite work at either end. Some of the characters have promise, but most dont reallt get to play out.

The CGSociety Feature on the film and work of Evgeni Tomov explores the aesthetic direction of the film and has some nice images from the film:

[Images from Tale of Despereaux via the CGSociety feature article]

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