Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Wacom Cintiq UX21 playtime

We have a few Cintiq's in the Faculty now and I set one up on my already crowded desk to see how it feels. I look forward to seeing it used in some presentations, demonstrations and exhibitions as well, but for now it is just an awesome sight on the desk.

The interaction between it and my MBP screen is a little odd and something I would need to play with some more. If I do split the screen then the temptation is there to have things on both which gets a bit awkward. Aside from that it is just so cool, in a way I feel I take for granted a little the ability to draw on a screen, but it is actually something completely new and just gorgeous. The hardware build itself is great and indeed its weight makes it far less transportable than we would like. Thats where the 12" variety will come in as more mobile loan kit. I love my little Wacom Graphire 3, though it feels very old next to this baby.

The programmable buttons are neat, though deciding which functions to have on them is a challenge - I want a heap more to save the trips back to the keyboard for things like the undo and such. So I would HIGHLY recommend the mighty Wacom Cintiq 21UX !!

Here it is setup and running on the desk:

Here is the first super-uick pic that I did to show folk in the office what all the fuss is about - no masterpiece by any means, but something fun:

And lastly here is a few minutes work on the Ood sketch - great fun - but heaps to go yet:

Oh and here is a pic from their site showing some of the adjustability of the thing:

[Cintiq tablet movement image via the Wacom site]

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