Sunday, 15 February 2009


Last night we went off to see the multi-nominated Curious Case of Benjamin Button which is up for the VFX Oscar along with Iron Man and The Dark Knight (see the CGSociety feature for more on their nominations). Following in that vain, there is a cool feature on CGSociety covering Digital Domain's work on the revolutionary CG effects work required to pull off the film. Watching, you know that there must be lots of wizardry going on, but where it switches from real to CG to something else is mystical.

The CG work has plenty to inspire, the complexity of the pipeline in generating these shots isnt for the light hearted, but what is really hard now will be easier and easier going forward. Here are a few images from the article showing off the beautifully integrated CG characters.

[Images from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button via the CGSociety feature]

The film itself is a majestic piece, which gently explores the tale. It has many parallels with Forest Gump (which also broke CG ground in its day), plus it has an old-school calmness and patience which works. I enjoyed the poetry of the film, and it really does set up plenty of thinking about how we age and how life works.

Here's the trailer via youtube (how cool does Brad look on the bike):

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