Thursday, 12 February 2009

Glass Canvas

Exploring some Architectural Visualisation folk I happily came across Glass Canvas. These UK guys have a pretty good volume of work and their website shows it off in an overtly graphical way. Their site is all about the work and has very little beyond that. It may not have all their work, but it has a heap of projects that flavour the site which is a model for a site that I have been thinking through over the last few days.

There is some quality work on display, I like some of the video work which overlays sketchy or other graphical elements over the more standard CG flythrough work.

Anyhow, check out the site for more, including heaps of video as well, but here are a few images showing what these guys can do. Looking at their careers page, they are a 3ds Max shop with V-ray and the renderer of choice. This is right down the sweetspot for Arch Viz as it stands today which is not only a powerful software combo, but also leverages the market for them.

[Architectural visualisation images by Glass Canvas from their website]

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