Sunday, 22 February 2009

Science, the SGU and some fun from MIT

After listening to a couple of EPs of the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe which is my favourite podcast, I was thinking about quotes and science and came up with the one below. The new website for the guys is a big improvement and the podcasts are informative and funny every time. Apart from getting the casts from the site you can just subscribe via iTunes.

Now, back to my Sciencey quote inspired by hearing the quotes on the SGU, thought up this arvo - how does this sound:
"A measure of the incredible value of science over pseudo-science and evidence-less belief is in its willingness to be proven wrong"

Back to the SGU:

[SixthSense setup via the MIT Media Lab's site on the project]

In episode 186 the SGU covered some wearable computing and augmented reality news in the form of the 'sixthsense' kit from the MIT Media Lab. The vid on youtube below shows how they are doing some interesting interactive reality augmentation with the concept of a projected interface and gesture recognition.

It would be great to have augmented 3D glasses that we could wear and be plugged into our digital lives and all that data. Projecting would be cool for sharing though - very interesting.

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