Saturday, 28 February 2009

VES and Liquid Adverts

I noted through the CGSociety VES Awards coverage that the Digital Domain guys pulled in more awards for Benjamin Button. They also won for their Bacardi commercial where the liquid characters interact. I am not sure whether the clips online are the actual version that won them this award - but they give the idea and are in the same series. The full list of VES nominations is nicely listed on the VFXworld site and there is more on the actual Visual Effects Society site with winner pics and such as well.

The Bacardi Sundance ads are beautifully executed and show some real flair for liquids (which have been a strong trend over the last few years for all kinds of adverts). A nice way to get into Bacardi's current promotional theme is through the Bacardi Website - which is some beautifully executed flash navigation - an engrossing site. I particularly like the glowing orange 3D video effects behind the first menu bar and then the images library browser is pretty cool as well.

[grab of the bacardi site]

There are some nice desktops, screensavers and more using their theme:

[Bacardi advert desktop images via the website]

Here are two of the TVCs in the Bacardi set via youtube:

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