Thursday, 19 March 2009

Animation and Character Refs

There have been a suite of references used in both the 3D COFA courses thus far, leading off onto yet more.

First up Keith Lango’s articles, having been working on the walkcycle, these now resonate far better than reading them cold. I particularly like his new method for bringing in the animation details and refinements through using more keys and his tying back to traditional paper animation.

Interestingly, both classes referenced (independently) The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello, for the strong use of silhouettes, from both a character design and an animation perspective. Having the character readable in silhouette is critical in the piece, both the type of character and their actions.

[Jasper Morello images from the site]

Pixar popped in with some shorts in the form of Mikes New Car and Presto. They illustrate a whole raft of the 12 principles of animation for sure. I think the felt pose-centric, Presto, is very successful in using the technique to bring a certain franetic feel to things. Speaking of strong keys, the Pocoyo animation was fun to see, making a complete feature of the Pose to Pose method.

There are a growing number of articles and instructional videos, I am enjoying them all actuall, each gives much more than just process, exploring character and animation styles.

WIP images and thoughts for both courses coming sooooon.

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