Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Archicad Virtual Building Explorer

There was (and still is) a ripple of excitement around here with Graphisoft releasing Archicad's Virtual Building Explorer. The idea of having a natural, intuitive, immersive real-time environment to experience architecture and our related disciplines has been a strong theme for the last few years here in FBE. Using engines like Unreal (2004 and UT3), Garry's Mod and CryEngine2 students have created environments that allow designers and clients to experience a place virtually with very simple technology and low cost outlay. The process of tramsforming a model into something nice within the game engines has not been so easy though.

[images from Archicad's Virtual Building Explorer via their website]

Along comes Graphisoft and its nice new VBE which with only a few deft mouse clicks brings a good model in Archicad into a real-time experience. Here is a quick video by Andrew Wallace showing his first foray into the tool:

The VBE page also has a series of videos introducing the various capabilities of the software and here is their youtube version:

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