Monday, 9 March 2009

CGS Steampunk Comp

[steampunk challenge logo via the CGSociety site]

The guys at CGSociety have just announced the winners in the various categories of their recent Steampunk Challenge. I love the way the CG community engages with things like this outside of all their other work commitments and just look at the inspirational quality of design and realisation on display.

The Winners page is full of jaw-dropping stuff, kicking off with:

EMET by Bonsaininja Studio where the fully realised video starts with the trailer, shows the production breakdown and concludes with the finished work. As one of the judges said: Outfreakinstanding!
The video shows just how much work went into the piece in all the categories, bringing to life an idea and following through so mercilessly. The production thread reveals more of the creation and has images like this:

[EMET production sketch via the CGSociety forum]

There is lots more that this though - check out the rest of the video entries on the site - really awesome work all round!

The winner of the 3d still image was this piece called Steamnocchio by Fabricio Moraes and it is easy to see why:

[Stemnocchio image via the CGSociety site]

Here are some more images from the challenge - * * tips hat to one and all * *

[Steampunk challenge images via the CGSociety website]

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