Saturday, 14 March 2009

Character Concept Sketches

Straight into the thick of things in both my COFA courses, for the character development one (which will head through a full 3D dev and rig of a character) - things start off in design, profiling and concepts. I love this part actually and have created two full concepts apart from a small set of others that didnt make it this far.

Why two indeed? Well one is the Unicycling Agent, he is an interesting concept, but it is possible that the modelling, weighting issues without going near cloth sims might be beyond the scope of the course. The other is a 3D embodiment of an Oinkfrog, starting with the name and a suite of sketches he has come to life a little, along with a joyful exhiberance to experience anything and everything (with a sneaky eye towards debunking) he would be quite alot of fun. His anatomy will be nice and squooshy and allow good exploration of eyes, mouths and other rig elements.

I wrote up a pair of nice Character Concept Docs along with a dosier, thoughts and sketches - here are the pics and a quick intro:


The quirky little creature known as the Oinkfrog sets out to experience as much of the wonder in the universe as possible. Though this playful (and often dangerous) desire is done with great joy and openness, he brings a critical mind to each endeavour exposing fraud and misbelief as he goes (often incidentally, but exposed none-the-less).


Unicycling Agent
Special Agent Nox has a remarkable talent for piecing together evidence, profiling and understanding the criminal mind and in meting out justice no matter what. His methods may look clinical, but the quirks he brings along for the ride in his assault on the criminal are there for all to see. The most obvious is his ubiquitous unicycle, though there are others both physical and mental to be found. This brings ridicule from many, but you cant fault his results.


We looked at Disney's 12 principle's of Animation (great stuff that it is) and both characters exhibit several qualities even in sketch-mode. The Agent would be fun to wield in animation on a nicely rigged unicycle and that is a quite unique character idea that would be fun to explore. That said Oinkfrog will suit the mode squash'n'stretch style of character animation for sure and I would live to see him in 3D. Note that he has several characteristics in common with the 2D 'painting' version of an oinkfrog I did in the MillionMasterpiece - boy does that seem a long time ago now...

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