Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Detonator Generi - idea

I had built up about 10 ideas for something entertaining that little Generi could do for the first assignment in the animation class, ranging from ballet to bananas. The idea I have settled on has some nice potential with the classic cartoon prop and his fun proportions. I will set about doing some storyboards over the next few days as well - but here is the idea in brief.

The Detonator Generi (10 secs)
In a neat full shot he stands before the classic plunger/detonator complete with nice coils of detonator wire. He peers sneakily from side to side, rubbing his hands in preparation before turning his attention to the handle (I like the idea of him wriggling his fingers here). He grabs hold and takes one deep breath before exerting all his force into plunging the handle down. He cringes and lifts a leg as if to protect himself from the blast. The massive invisible force blasts Generi, detonator and all from the frame in lovely ragdoll fashion.

Variant1: would be to have the explosion not go off, have him looking perplexed and shrugging at the end...
Variant2: Generi peers into shot, then sneaks quickly over to the detonator at the start...


10 seconds is a very short amount of time, if I get a chance I will explore what other people have done through sites like the 11 Second Club.

I also read through some of Ideas for the Animated Short (Sullivan, Schumer and Alexander) online through the library. I feel a little chained to my computer doing this and my session keeps expiring and I cant get the book :-( , but it is still a great resource and step forward from physical books in the actual library tower. The Introduction alone is chock full of great inspiration and I feel as though I should try and apply everything to this little scene. I will certainly try and get as much in there as I can.


I should be able to get a good dosier for Generi for the piece, he should have a good depth of character, yet be obvious enough to read will in the brief 10 secs of screentime.

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