Thursday, 26 March 2009

EQ 10

Everquest is 10 years old, yep it must qualify as old_school now. I have amazingly fond memories of a time (yes that long ago) when Andrew Smith and I were intrigued by the MMORPGs, EQ was new and Ultima Online was a little more mature. We decided to dive into Eq and our gaming lives changed forever at that point. I recall being completely amazed at the scale, the longevity, the complexity, the numbers of players, the grand persistance and the community.
Back then it felt like a new frontier, the 'west' was wild, we didnt have guides, websites that revealed all or a game that played fair. But the effect was intoxicating. There were many who were sceptical, yet as they were introduced to the genre - the appeal was obvious.

Here are some images from my Everquest days with the Gnomads (Smooching is my char) and the shots show all the nice original models and interface and well - how daggy it all was... The first image shows us gnome-swarming an Ogre - was very funny. Then images of us out in some memorable spots like Crushbone doing our thing.

I have these great little memories from my first forays into the world, feeling actually quite scared to venture out from my Dwarven home, and finally making it all the way to Kelethin and being dumbstruck at the city in the trees - all of this and I had seen a tiny tiny percentage of the world. Beyond that we had many other characters and even the creation of our all Gnome guild which had some fun times for sure.

Check the Everquest 10 year anniversary site for more on the event or even the main EQ site for how the game and its 15 expansions is going.

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LuminaryPizza said...

I'm wondering whether the old gnomads website is still up. I also keep some old screen shots handy.. for the good old days. It was really scary going to the cross roads ;)

Andrew S
aka Angling