Friday, 6 March 2009

FBE glowing Labs

The new SLI Dell XPS730 labs went in over the last two days here in FBE and they look pretty oppressive/impressive/excessive. They are still coming online with the large application set (0ver 70GB worth) but they are already performing quite nicely and certainly look the part.

In at work late last night I was enthused by how the lab looked in the dark - lights glowing in all directions. I took a few pics and have included 2 here:

At some points we have liked the idea of having 24" iMacs in there for their clean looks (and having no cases at all - unlike our giant wall of silver), but the sheer bang for buck we are getting with these beasts we cant go past in a lab like this where the real-time visualisation really pushes things - esp since the student architectural models arent optimised in the same way professional game levels are.

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