Saturday, 7 March 2009


[Fieldrunners logo art from their website]

I (and everyone who can get their hands on myiPhone) have become a little addicted to the tower defence game Fieldrunners by Subatomic Studios. The production quality is first rate and the integration into the iPhone very nicely done. Graphically it is a joy (just 2.5D though) - the towers have a fair bit of life to them, considering they are just towers. I also like the splash and other screens, their is some cute art to flesh out the character of the game (like the one above).

[two of the screenshots of Fieldrunners via their website]

There are heaps of videos of the game in action. The only bug I am seeing is when we get through the 100 levels we dont always get the VICTORY and it just sits there an we dont get to the scoreboard. The screenshots shown here only show the four basic towers, we like playing with the extras like the flamer, which give a bit more variety to things.

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