Sunday, 1 March 2009

Maya Tutes and AWNtv

I got back into the Maya book a little and the one thing that is being driven home most clearly is the art of writing a tutorial. Things that just work in the book - often done work so smoothly for me trying to follow the steps :-) Being able to convey the critical little pieces of the puzzle are tricky and one way that in-person tutes still have a very real place.

I am looking forward to the 2 Maya COFA courses this session. I was going to be doing just 1 with Sound Construction 2, but after talking with them, picking up the character rigging course seemed sensible - cant wait.

And with some more of the Autodesk stable coming to the Mac in March - should be a fun year.


Plus, I found another new site to explore all manner of CG and other forms of animation video, the AnimationWorldNetwork AWNtv.It is fun to browse around...

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