Monday, 2 March 2009

Mayaing, Movies and Midnight Cometh

Spent some time doing Maya tutorials and at the same time watched a heap of the extras on the Wall-E DVD. I love hearing how the story, shots and details evolve over time to better the story. I liked Burn-E and watching Presto again. Also watched Spirit - great little film full of emotion and a clever intersection of drawing and CG. Plus couldnt help but watch Kung-Fu Panda again - still loving it.


Dont forget - the Watchmen cometh - no idea if the film can live up to the book and the hype though... Check out the running Watchmen Blog for the videos showing the creation of the film. We see details from Rorsarch's mask and other costuming elements to the character developments and effects that bring giants like Dr Manhattan to life. The production is certainly nothing if not epic!

Here is one image from the blog showing Night Owl's ship emersed in period details and some of Zack's storyboards - a credit to a director to take that much time to map out everything in boards like this.

[images from the Watchmen blog]

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