Saturday, 28 March 2009


Apart from the excellent reference provided in class for our modelling and soon-to-be rigging, here are a few others that caught my eye of late.

First up the entries from last year in the Dominance War competition. Since they use low poly counts as in a game it is quite easy to see the pily layouts that they use and how they approach tris, edgeloops and edgeflows. Apart from the quality of this work, which is clear in all the finalist's entries I am inspired by how much of the modelling is done with mapping rather than polys - not sure if we are looking at that in the COFA courses this session. In this aquatic character, we can see where they introduce tris to deliver detail to areas and the get better flows of polys around various areas of the form. The face has the polys ararnged for decent animation as far as I can see:

[Image from the Dominance War site showing Adrien Debos entry]

There is also this very cool rig I found a while ago by Victor Vinyals. He has a super video showing character rig in action - a few images from it below. I love the controls he has built in and the model seems to deform beautifully for him. I really hope we get to setup our rigs like this by the end.

[Images showing Victor Vinyal's rig in action via his website]

While we are here, have a look at this piece by Ryan Kittleson of his Don King bust...

[Image of Ryan Kittlesons model and rig]

OK - back to my Oinkfrog modelling and some animation work...

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