Sunday, 29 March 2009

More Oinkfrog Maya WIP

Here are some more shots showing the Oinkfrog model coming together. I added some detail around the eye and where the main head meets his big big mouth. The sketches show some nice wrinkles where these parts meet and I wanted to build that into the model and it helps make him feel fleshier, less plastic. It was a little tricky to add nice quads and edgeflows for these - but the end result looks sane.

One element of the sketches are his nice bulgy elbows and knees. It will be interesting to see how they work on the rig. After splitting some faces, I did a set of extrusions before doing some vert tidying. They may still be a little small actually - I will see how they feel after he is more complete.

Onto the eye - first creating a polysphere and rotating it before adding a deformer lattice. This allowed me to manipulate the shape so it fits snugly in the big sockets. I am not sure how the sockets and eyeballs will deform together on the rig yet - but that should be fun.

Here things are coming along. He has his belly-button, a row of nice teeth and more general tidying up.

One thing I hadnt done at all until now was add creases to the smoothed mesh. So I set out around the model making the folds in his skin sit nicely, making the various pieces stand out where required. Here you can see some of the creases around his head.

My UV vids arent playing, so I will have to come back to to that. I could survive with a material, but I think some colour variation across the skin plus the spots would be much nicer.

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