Saturday, 28 March 2009

Oinkfrog Maya WIP

More progress on the oinkfrog. After getting the body, hands and feet looking ok, I set off on the trickier head. At first I thought I might use a box to build his huge mouth and then stitch it into the main model (you can still see it there in the first screenshot). What I ended up going with was to extrude polys from the existing head out to the side and then add vertical loops to build in enough detail to accommodate the deformation that will come for it.

Following that, I had to do rather alot of tidying up of the verts, to get something that felt like it fitted with the character and had nice lines in both directions.

Onto his snout, this I also extruded out from existing faces and after some judicous cutting extruded back a nostril as well.

They eye took a little planning, and though it is in there and working, I am not sure how it will deform yet, or how well the nice wrinkles around the actual eyeball will function. I think the next step will be to build the eyeball and setup the lattice deformer for it so I can see how it fit together...

I think my loops, edges, flows and poly density is looking ok so far while keeping him in character. There arent many tris and such things either, so I am happy with how he is coming along. He IS taking me waaay longer than he should for his complexity. I seem to have to spend a fair bit of time adjusting verts, and I can see that a nicer sculpting package would give me a much less mechanical approach (have to try Mudbox/Zbrush)...

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