Saturday, 21 March 2009

Oinkfrog Modelling WIP

I am not sure I know quite enough about character modelling in terms on deformation and rigging restrictions just yet, but the modelling has begun in Maya of my Oinkfrog. He is looking pretty good in 3D so far, though I am yet to look at his face, I could use some advice on that I am sure. His hands and feet were done differently, I used the logic from the video tutes to create the hand with a box which I joined on afterwards. The feet I created with extrusions from the legs instead, but they are alot simpler than his squidgy hands.

He doesnt smooth how I would like him yet, but that will change as I add more detail where required and indeed as I refine what I have already. I am still modelling with an instanced second half - perhaps I should merge them and use mirrored tools instead now??

Here are some images of the progress being made:

Having good reference sketches was handy here, though I did them without any deference to the fact that I would be modelling him very rigidly first and then deforming him with the rig, sooo that meant that my drawings were just a guide and couldnt be traced directly.

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