Friday, 20 March 2009

Oinkfrogs, Moving Castles and Fortresses

The CGS article on the design and creation of the Team Fortress game is great reading. I recall with great fondness admiring the 'character' the Valve team managed to build into the game. They created a feel for the game that broke away and was done with such style that everyone who saw it was engaged. The little character animations are still awesome to watch and are good examples of how to present strong character designs clearly.

[Pic of The Heavy via the CGSociety article on the making of Valve's Team Fortress 2]

Watched through Howls Moving Castle tonight, wanted to see some traditional animation at play, and besides it's all class. Again we are treated to a host of great characters with very different looks, indeed the main characters change their looks throughout the film as well conveying different aspects of themselves along the way.
One of the elements I admire is the very different movement style we get from everyone, even with the simpler animation. The bouncing scarecrow, the oozing henchmen, the waddling witch, the crooked old Sophie, the tiny dog, the exuberant boy, the rigid soldiers and more.

[Promo image from Howls Moving Castle via the official site]

I did a few more sketches of Oinkfrog along the way as well, fleshing out how his facial pieces come together to achieve different results.

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