Sunday, 29 March 2009

Slap Animation

We started the slap animation in class, that seems like ages ago now - each week is full of so much. This was to be a small task so with just 6 keyframes and the spline curves things are looking up. There is a heap of room to refine things from here - esp in line with Keith Lango's questions for polishing animation to help out. That said, I liked how I could add details for how things worked through few keys but including the curves and follow-through and more.

I am finding it interesting seeing how many parts of little Generi need adjusting for each keypose and then breakdown to get it feeling natural. Working out whether the head, shoulders, hips, arms etc are leading the animation. Building in translations, rotations, arcs and timing for each piece of his spine, limbs, and fingers takes plenty of patience.

I can see that refining our final animation will take several hours, just to build in more breakdowns. From there adding in details and refining the arcs, timing and readability will be fun.

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