Sunday, 8 March 2009


Went to see the mighty Watchmen film today at the Hoyts IMAX at the Entertainment Quarter (not as stunning as the Darling Harbour version by a long shot, but still a big screen). First up the Graphic nvel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons is remarkable in many ways. It is a dark and violent world we enter in this net of tales, and the movie stays truthful to this protrayal of the darker side of humanity. Indeed it is a graphic telling of the graphic novel (not one for the kids!!)

Anyhow, the world created by Zack Snyder and his team is remarkable in its realisation of history an alternate 1985 and a vast array of the details present in the book. Obviously they couldnt cover everything in the book - but the film does cover a great deal and quite faithfully at that. There is a nice article on Geekanerd comparing the novel and the film visuals and more at The Film Stage. Some of the panel sequences flow like a set of story boards, beautiful ones at that (hmm I seem to be using a fair number of superlatives here).

The novel is a powerful piece of work that lingers in the gut and the head and the film does the same. I hope people will pick up the book now, as it will flesh out many of the details and throw into large pools of extra story. The story-lines that are exposed around the news-stand (including the Tale of the Black Freighter) and the psychologist's life changing due to Rorschach and more. The novel is rich and complex, check the Anotated Guide to get an idea.

[desktop promo images for Watchmen from the official site]

The Watchmen website looks simple enough at firt, but has some very nice flash transitions (with the yellow strip), video integration and leads us off to all manner of places like the New Frontiersman (complete with alternate reality videos on youtube). The site has heaps of video snippets drawing on the 160mins of footage in the film and they all look great.

The special effects and CG work in the film lifts the visuals into the grim world allowing the wonders of Dr Manhattan and the gruesome work of protagonists and antagonists alike to be shown in all their gruesome detail. There are some feature CG-shots, like Dr M's Martian 'home', his origin tale, the various cataclysmic explosions, and even Bubastis.

All in all, a gut-wrenching, gripping and truly detailed realisation of a great novel and one that should have people talking about the human condition and moral dilemas for some time to come.


Oh and a side note, I kept thinking that Laurie (Silk Spectre II) played by Malin Ackerman sounds just like Rebecca Watson from the SGU...


Oh and I forgot to say one more thing ... YYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY

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