Tuesday, 14 April 2009

GE Flash Goodness

Following a link from some Adobe spam I was exploring the new Flash driven Smart Grid site by GE. The actual content may be a little thin in places, but the interface is truly engaging and beautifully realised and polished. The graphic quality is a joy to see and it is all interactive enough to encourage the next steps to take place. These shots some of the site visuals:

[Screengrabs of the flash interface to GE's Smart Grid site]

To take things to the next level though, the site allows us to take on their Augmented Reality. Watching the little video, I was floored - and trying it myself it really works and it an awesome piece of interaction that really does show a level of software/hardware/human interfacing that could go to very interesting places in time to come. Flash can obviously do some very impressive things in 3D and talking to hardware now as well... Awesome:

This is a pic of me using the GE Augmented Reality app straight in Firefox, and below that their nice video of another human doing the same.

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