Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Generi Detonator V1

Ok, after a heap of time refining things and working through as many elements and principles as I could I have arrived at version 1 of little Generi and his Detonator. In showing it around the home, it seems to be well received and I have been incorporating feedback as I went along. It is very very good to get other opinions as we end up staring at things for so many hours trying to tweak the details that a fresh pair of eyes is exactly what is needed.

I have a fair number of keys/breakdowns now as there always seem to be more little refinements to arcs and followthu's that an extra key will deliver. I have tried hard not to go crazy though, trying to refine keys rather than adding wherever I could.

As you can see I created a nice end (with held pose there for fun) and a little intro to set the slower pace at the start. I like how it is all looking. I dont have Premiere on my laptop atm - so I used the new iMovie (weird piece of software that it is) to join things together before uploading to Youtube.

This has been great fun so far and I am really happy with how it all looks (though it is much smoother on my quicktime file than this youtuber version it seems)

** hmm youtube version seems to be cutting off the end - I will repost when I work that out...

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