Sunday, 12 April 2009

Generi Detonator WIP continues

Lots of work on little Generi and his detonator over the last few days. I took some time to setup the final look with the Mental Ray renderer and once this was done, things were certainly looking nicer and with plenty of refinement to the animation, smoother and more in character as well.

I used Danny McNezmo's (awesome name btw) online tutorial on creating explosions in Maya to create a bit of fun at the very end. This last explosive sequence needed a keyframe every frame to make Generi work with motion that fast. The rest was done with some nice Maya Dynamics - super fun!

The main things I found myself working on with the refinement were dealing with the transitions between the faster and slower movements for different elements, particularly hands and feet. Getting nice arcs across these same timing boundaries took time and adding more and more breakdowns to have the right energy in his various limbs, head and body.

I did do a largish change after one of the kids suggested that one part should slow down to give a pause before another (after his step). Plus I did try and work on the moving holds as well - something I dont think Maya helped me with too much. I was concentrating on this after watching Kung Fu Panda again - the animation there is stunning and some of the most effective moments are when there is a pause in the action to allow us to see an expression or comical body pose.

I also took some time to do a title - should look good when I bring it all together. Here is a single frame to show how it is all looking:

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