Sunday, 5 April 2009

Generi Detonator WIP

Starting work with Generi on his Detonator sequence has been fun thus far. I am trying to incorporate some extra comical moves. Some will come later in the details like wriggling fingers, but the BIG step is right out of a cartoon. I am enjoying the extra big anticipation this brings and with a big 'ol detonator sitting right there, this piece is relying on a fair bit of build-up and anticipation.

I have a new variant I am toying with as well, after Generi plunges down the detonator, I am thinking of having the actual detonator explode instead. This is a nice mix of realising the anticipation and adding a twist as well. I hope to still get a nice piece of cartoonish ragdoll explosion in at the end - perhaps freezing him just as he is upside down spinning out of top of frame...

I have tried a few key-poses for the anticipation frame of the step and my timing needs lotsa work - but the structure is coming together. I will post the keys in order later - these pics are from all over the place.

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