Monday, 6 April 2009

Generi Jumping About

One of this weeks tasks was to get little Generi to jump. I set about trying hard to do this one quickly as I am finding my animating is taking too long. Refining things definitely takes time, but I need to get the keys and timing and breakdowns in there more quickly.

The reference docs are really chock full of great advice and bring some real experience to how I would approach and refine animations, both on a larger scale and in the tiny tiny details that make it all work.

Well things went pretty well, Generi is doing an interesting jump and comes crashing down nicely. Picking up on the Mr Incredible's crash into the building, I took a few frames and keys to have a basic thump to the ground. I had to wrestle with splines in a few places by putting in more breakdowns, but this was good as it allowed me to guide which parts ofGeneri were leading and which parts followed through. I can see I would need further breakdowns to get the motion to be smooth for each body part - having the hands lagging well behind the arms and so forth.

I skipped the fingers on this one, concentrating on the bigger picture. I like the anticipation both at the start and at the bottom - plus there is almost another at the top of the jump. It may seem cruel, but it is great funbouncing Generi with the time slider - boing - boing - boing.

Here are 5 of the 13 keys:

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