Saturday, 11 April 2009

Generi, Supers and Tarzan

Working on Generi's animation over the last few days has been great. The larger project and the extra time has allowed the suite of references and tips we have explored in class to find a place in the workflow. I am still building a definitive checklist, there are so so many things to work through.

As reference, I took the time to watch Pixar's The Incredibles and Disney's Tarzan again. Both exhibit some very classy animation throughout and in both cases the weight and movement style of the different characters comes across beautifully. When Tarzan battles the leopard, there are some great shots of each moving quickly and slowly in fluid curves melding complexity and simplicity. When Elastigirl is breaking into Syndrome's compound we get her stringy movement again at various pacing. There are so many nice sequences in both films and I can see how much work is required to build in the energy and style.

Imparting as much 'character' as possible into Generi is something I am working on and these films are great reference for exactly that.

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