Sunday, 19 April 2009

Oinkfrog Rigging WIP

Using various references from class and online (I like Will's vids - 'bones' in funny places, crazy dogs and all), I have been rigging away on little Oinkfrog. Without knowing exactly how it would all come together I built the basic structure using a few more bones than is often the case as he is more pliable than a normal human and his stretch points may need the extra bones.

Building a stretchy rig is something I have references for and it seems like it will be fairly complex to have working nicely, so I am hopefully just setting up for some fun with that over the next few days. The basic rig is looking nice, though I haven't embarked on weightings yet apart from a few tests. I am not sure for example how well his big belly will deform and if the spine may need to move - or in fact if I will need some belly-bones to control it (I think this is the way to go at the moment).

His tiny little legs make my nice IK rig for them seem rather silly and I will have to try one of the many foot rigging methods to get something that works down there. His foot is much bigger and flabbier than a human foot, more like a scoober flipper - that is a challenge still before me.

I have rigged his huuuuge mouth in case I want to se bones to get the bulk of the deformation done rather than blend shapes. This will give me some nice arcs and I can use the blend shapes to tidy up and add nuence where I can. I have also rigged his eyebrows so I can do the same thing, get nice arcs for movement and use blends or lattices to get the shapes required for the various expressions that rely on them.

Eyes, eyes, eyes, I am onto version 4 of them now. I am learning a heap along the way and am currently trying a variation on Brian J Immel's Cartoon Eyes tutorial. Since I need to do the rig setup while I model as the final shape doesnt come until the controls are in place I end up getting it done then realising I need to start again. I am working on a solution that will get me his very wide open eyes and also let me close them altogether - probably using the sweep angle somewhere perhaps or a secret third eyelid to help out at the back...

As we can see his WIP eyes combined with his teeth and mouth is oh so very Ardman : 'cheeeeeese'

much more to come - this is great fun.

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