Friday, 1 May 2009

Asus W90 laptop beast

I have been re-looking at another laptop for home, tossing up between a uni priced HP workstation type config, another mac and a more game-centric one - more on this later. On the way through this little thought experiment, I came upon Asus' new W90 gaming uberlaptop - whew.

[Image of the Asus W90 via the NotebookReview article]

The ASUS W90V sports a suite of specs to make all laptops feel inadequate - and many many desktops for that matter. I keep calling it a laptop, but for your lap it isnt, the 18.5" 1080 res screen should get you thinking how big this baby is. The quad core, 6GB, HD4870 x 2 heart of this beast really shows off in the reviews about the place and the price for such grunt is inpressive.

Some reviews:


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