Monday, 18 May 2009

Generi WholeTime Boards

The second project for the Maya animation course and I am working with a nice emotional voice-track. The audio has some nice repetition, build-up, pauses and some nice expressions spring to mind - or maybe I have listened to it too many times already.

The concept for the piece is a lady, shocked at finding out she has been cheated on by her friends. She is letting out some realisation and frustration on photos of them. Here is a MKI bio for her:
Generi Character Bio MKI
She is a trusting young lady who quickly adopts friends and sees the good in people. She is engaged to Genero her long time friend and has been having the best time planning her wedding with her very best friend Gen.

Generi is a happy person, she likes to take her dog for a run in the park, trying to keep up as best she can. She dresses in a youthful way, perhaps reflecting that she still feels so young at heart. Her fiance she still sees as a teenage sweetheart, though they have been friends and then more for many years now.

Her empathy towards others has helped her keep longtime friendships with girls and boys from throughout her life. She loves a good romance novel and always cries at the emotional turning points as she invests her emotions in the characters, no matter how corny the story may be.

The very notion that she could be betrayed by a close friend is beyond her, she knows that may happen to fictional characters, but definitely not to her.
Here are some very quick storyboards breaking down the audio and starting to hint at some posing. I think I will have to work on having her use the full frame field and get enough emotion into the camera angles etc. I have been working on the Generi model a little so it will work in better with the audio - should be fun once I find some time to really get into it!


Oh and having Jumper on in the background is cool (awesome car sequence) - though a little distracting perhaps...

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