Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Guild and Twitter

A quick check of who Felicia Day was on Twitter, one of the 20 I follow, led me to The Guild! I admit to only watching a single episode so far, but I can see it could be fun and have joined the BIG subscriber set. This web show (lots of short episodelets) is on youtube and their site. It is about an online guild and the real humans behind the characters - extra geeky for sure). I am not sure how these people find the resources for such things, but it clearly works as a promo tool, like an evolving showreel.

Gotta say that following 20 folk on Twitter is more than enough for me, I dont know how people follow thousands. It is a great little feed into various things, much like someone pointing you at interesting things to check out several times a day - if only there were time. I am enjoying the extra connection to the online world that Twitter is giving, it rests between blogs and say email acting as some nice public glue binding the online galaxy together...

[T-Shirt for The Guild available via their website.]

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