Saturday, 2 May 2009

Lip Sync

My animation class is looking at lip sync at the moment, using Jason Osipa's Stop Staring method as a basis, with some help from the meistro Keith Lango. I havent really played with lipsync before, so this is proving entertaining. The breaking down of speech sounds (shapes really) is interesting and I like the simplification that the references run through.

That said, in running through the various exercises I found it much easier to key the mouth and jaw at about the same time rather than coming back later and doing the jaw. This seemed to get me closer to the mark in less time than just doing mouth widths and such then doing the jaw flapping later. Though Osipa's text seems to enforce this logic of the multiple passes, his nice diagrams show nice wide mouths in the first pass...

Here is me working with Generi. I ended up having his resting mouth narrower than the default, as there wasnt much room to go with the EE and it also meant less travel to get to the nice OO sounds as well.

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