Monday, 4 May 2009

Oinkfrog joint surgery

Even though the bulk of Oinkfrog was deforming quite nicely I went in to do some experimenting with his arms and scaling the joints in a few ways when I noticed that somehow along the line his joints in his top half all have their local axes set to match the world XYZ directions. This isnt good as I spent some time lining them all up some time ago and I have only just noticed.

This will make finger rotations painful, though I was thinking of adding another controller anyhow and this may mean that it just works. He has controllers for other parts and I hadnt even noticed. When I try and orient the joints now, all kinds of weird things happen.

Choices are to carry on with controllers keeping things sane, or to rebuild the rig to fix him up. The first lets me keep going and I hope I get somewhere cool, the second would allow me to go back and fix a heap of other things that I would improve now that I have a slightly better idea of what I am doing with modelling, UVing, rigging and more. Perhaps time and the endurance of my hand/finger will be the deciding factors.

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