Thursday, 14 May 2009

Oinkfrog rig gets pupil blends

Diving into the Oinkfrog rig, I set about creating two main blends for his pupils. Being a nice cartoony character, he can change the shape of his pupils to reflect emotions and thoughts. I already added scaling for the pupil, this time it was shapes via blends.

First pass I duplicated the pupils and altered the control vertices to create the two main shapes for each pupil (love hearts and angry). I added the blends and things looked good at first - but the rotations of the blended pupils was as if the nice lattice deformer over the whole eye wasnt applying. I experimented with the order of the inputs, but that didnt help either it would either cut in as the eye rotated or it would pop inside.
So I undid all of that and went to the inputs for the pupil (right-click - inputs - all inputs) and set the lattice to 'no effect'. This looke like a step backwards, but my plan was to setup the blend in this config then re-apply the lattice. So I duplicated 2 copies of each pupil in this state and again edited the control verices to create a heart and a frowny pupil. I then setup the 2 blend sets. I then moved these blends to be below their respective lattices in the inputs and turned the lattices back on again (normal).

Hey presto - it all worked like a charm. The blended eyes now not only move properly with the eye, but the scale/size attribute works for them as well. The shapes could have been a little more refined, but these ones work with the nurbs spheres I have and dont fall into the eyeball much.

I am pretty happy with this actually, now onto another task in the list.

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