Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Oinkfrog TODOnew

I have re-evaluated the next steps for the Oinkfrog Maya model and rig - and will target these things next:
  • Eyes: Create blend shapes for his pupils (heart, happy, sad, confused).
  • Eyes: Create material for pupil that allows for a ring pupil rather than the solid disk.
  • Eyes: Create material for the 'whites' that can allow for red at the edges.
  • Eyes: Add text to the main handles for the linked controllers - have them logical.
  • Eyes: Add attribute to rotate the eyelids in two planes.
  • Skin: De-skin body and fix arm local axes.
  • Skin: Re-skin main body with extra work on mouth and teeth.
  • Texture: Refine texture image - nicer seams and colour transitions.
  • Tail: build curl.
  • Tail: build driven keys for leftrightupdownetc.
  • Feet: flipper IKs perhaps - need some controls.
  • Feet: driver for when hips go past ankle IK.
  • Arms - stretchable (IK/FK switcher check).
  • Elbows/Knees: extra bone to hold the ball together.
  • Hands: drivers for fingers - control each finger with single controller.
  • Hands: blends for flatter pads.
  • Mouth: blend to control lips.
  • Mouth: blend to do wrinkles at head junction.
  • Mouth: drivers for the main expressions.
  • Mouth: lip blends to give some expressions despite the wide mouth.
  • Mouth: blends for small open closures - maybe he can almost mumble then.
  • Nostrils: blends to alter position in nose.
  • Interface: Build sliders and helpers.
  • Limits: set all locked elements and limits on translations etc.
With the bulk of these in place I can do a suite of animation tests to see if he can do the sort of things that an Oinkfrog should be able to do. Then based on that I will tackle the final set of refinements and enhancements.

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