Sunday, 31 May 2009

Pinched Nerves and Watching Things

The saga of my pinched nerve is ongoing, I feel a fraction more comfortable, though the nerve signals through C7 that fire my triceps etc are still impeded - very odd sensation it is indeed.
So I havent done much computing for over a week now and that has been mighty frustrating, I hope the appointments on Monday will improve things at a greater rate.

For the courses, I was looking pretty good with the Oinkfrog model, there was plenty of smaller refinements to do and some extra blends. I want to give him some sort of interface as well, once I can get back into things - hopefully soon.

Generi and her little outburst were only at the early stages and there is plenty still to be done before that project is done. I first thought this would just be a small bump in production, now I will have to fire things up once I get better in a big way again.

I am still looking forward to completing both these assignments in a good way, even if that is late as I am learning heaps through the process. The rigor of completing to a high standard all these tasks is where so much of the learning comes from. When I learn things on my own, it is often too easy to skip some bits or to not do a fully resolved learnng project.

Anyhow, I have been watching all manner of movies, clips, video tutes and more during this time - inspiration in finished product and process.

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