Friday, 8 May 2009

Posing Expressions

This may well have been the most fun I have all session so far. The reference material was straight from Gary Faigin's Facial Expressions book and we were to try and pose little Generi into 3 of them. First up, the illustrations in the book are wonderful, a lovely blend of character in linework illustrations that doesnt end up too cartoony.

So I tackled TERROR first and Generi's face and rig makes for a wonderful terror. Upraurious Laughter worked pretty well, though getting him to squint isnt quite the same. Given this I decided to try another squinty one, see whe effect it may have, and Physical Repulsion certainly cant be confused with laughter. The capability of Generi means many of the subtleties arent there from real human faces, so it was fun finding other ways to emphasis the emotion in question.

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