Saturday, 9 May 2009

Star Trek

We went off to see 2 movies today - MOVIE DAY.

[Image from the Star Trek film via the official movie site]

Starting early with Star Trek and the rebirth of all the original characters. Here is the trailer to get you in the mood.

The film is all about the characters and their different personalities, the making of a very different StarFleet captain in James Tiberius Kirk and his relationship with a special young crew. This happens through some stunning action sequences that lift the whole film. The whole thing is chock full of classic Star Trek references and I am sure the real trekkies would spot a whole lot more. The reverence to things like this is what makes the film for me, it is more than just a sci-fi action film, it is the continuation of a grand creation. The production values are first class and all round a great experience and one we can talk about.


Effects wise, we get it all and in great detail. Ships and landscapes being ripped into a gazzillion pieces (counted them myself) and surrounded by lighting, smoke and flame effects of all kinds. There are some CG creatures and characters to round out the alienness of the universe as well.

[Images from the Star Trek film via the official movie site]

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