Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Twittering to Hellboy

I finally got around to registering onto Twitter, to see if I could work out whether it indeed made any sense. It is like getting a feed of intro snippets. I set myself up to follow, UNSW, FBE_UNSW and Engadget and I am still not sure I appreciate things, let alone understand the hype.

Anyone who may want to follow me - just search for Oinkfrog.


Anyhow, I did one update just now on my enjoyment that Hellboy2 was mentioned in my Animation class tonight. Characters like Johann Kraus, which have no face, still need to convey emotion and ideas through larger body movement and positions combined with voice acting.
The class was fun for other reasons as well though, exploring what facial elements combine to create various emotions. I am looking forward to this weeks exercises then...

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