Saturday, 6 June 2009

Augmented Reality Fun


[Sony's Invizimals pic via Vizworld]

Came across another bash at integrating augmented reality type ideas into games: Invizimals.
Thanks to the Vizworld tweets, we can see that Sony have integrated the PSP with the camera attachment and special 'cards' and a host of other interactive detection to make a little pokemon style hunt and battle game.

Sketchup plugin
Via plugins like AR-Media our computers armed with naught but humble Sketchup can have fun with Augmented Reality as well and with the wealth of available models and ease of creating your own - this is mighty indeed.

Eye of Judgement

[images of Eye of Judgement in action via Game-Boyz]

Wizards of the Coast have had this game, Eye of Judgement, for ages now, combining their prowess in Collectible Card Games and the Playstation 3 to merge reality and virtuality.

There are a growing number of these and I am looking forward to greater integration of AR into areas like Architectural Visualisation, Gaming and I would think the whole field of medicine would be a great candidate. Dont forget to check out the GE site if you havent already - lovely stuff.

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