Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Back Back and FFVII

Well, I am recovering pretty nicely after back operation and I will post one of the shots from my CT scan showing the bionic back I now posses once I find a neat way to capture them. I havent been on the computer much at all throughout all of this, but I have watched a bunch of things while resting, lots of cool stuff including: Matrix trilogy, The Mummy III, Sin City, 300, Open Season, Transformers, and more. I did some sketching and character concept thinking here and there, but perhaps most, I enjoyed the Final Fantasy VII movie.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
The stunning visual artistry is the first thing to stand out in the film, it draws you in with speed, subtlety, beauty, light, dark, all knitted together around some wonderful character concepts and an intriguing world. The movie plays out like a very long trailer actually, it is just gorgeous over the top sequence after another with the characters standing proud for exposition. It is still a confusing experience as much anime is, but somehow that just added to the appeal for me - as if we were only getting glimpses of the whole - that this long trailer was still a preview of a vast story to be told. Note that there is now the newly released Complete version as well - should be fun. Note, since I havent touched the game, that may alter my perspective here somewhat, I am seeing it as standalone anime - and liked what I got.

Images (thanks to Clickety Click):

Plus check out the pics from the Final Fantasy VII Potion promotion (fruit drinks with cool art).

Square Enix

Trailers - one English and the other subtitled:

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